Back in the Tour Guide Groove

Three years ago I moved to New York City. Prior to the big move, I was living in Europe, overseeing marketing and sales for Bus2alps, where I spent four years showing American college student life changing experience. It was fun. It was challenging. It was fulfilling. It was a job I was passionate about. But, it also had an end point. I moved back to the United States so I could test my luck in the greatest city in the world. That was the last time I planned or guided a trip in Europe.

Last week I returned from an 8-day trip shredding the Austrian Alps with an amazing group of people. OvRride, a ski operator based in New York City, ran the trip. Prior to last week, OvR ran trips to ski mountains in the Northeast, Out West, South America and Japan. As of this week, they now are entering the Alpine game. I met the owner of OvR while still at Bus2alps, while on a quest to start running ski trips from NYC to the Swiss Alps.

Well, that quest has been fulfilled. It may have taken over 3 years to get it off the ground, but finally, finally there is an organized group trip from New York City (flights included) to an Alpine destination. Leave it to clichés to explain why it took me so long to be “in the moment.” Despite the trip not being run by a company through which I was gainfully employed, I felt a sense of ownership, and spent most of the week stressing over the silly things that used to get me stressed during my days at Bus2alps – Is everyone having fun? Do they want to party more? Should we go to the strip club? Am I drinking too much? Is it a bad idea for me to be flirting with anyone here? Did I just tell everyone to go right when I should’ve told them to go left?

Silly things that go through a tour guides mind came flushing back to. So, it took until the end of the trip for me to really, capital T Truly, let the moment seize me and fully appreciate it. 3 years of pining, postulating, and considering, and the risk was finally taken. As with anything in life, you have to take the leap. When you combine travel with life and work, and you take that leap, it is all the more fulfilling.

So thank you to the OvRride team, and all of the incredible people who came on the trip and made it such an unbelieveable experience. If anything, it was unreal just to see an idea come to fruition. The corporate world provides great opportunities, and I am glad I took this path. But man, the feeling that came rushing back, that high stemming from building something that became an incredible experience for many. I want to have that high more often.

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