About Fearless Leaders

I started Fearless Leaders in 2013 with the goal of sharing my years of resourceful backpacker travel knowledge with a community looking to embark on their own epic adventure and not knowing where to start. At the time I had just left a four year job in tourism, where I was one of the first employees of what soon became Europe’s fastest growing and largest student tour operator. My experience there, and having embarked on a number of 1 and 2 month trips in my personal time, inspired me to help others.

In a short period of time I had the privilege of working with a number of individuals and small groups, helping them experience the best of SE Asia, Europe and South America. I also had the opportunity to partner with my buddies at OvRride, a ski operator based in NYC, to launch a series of annual group ski trips to the Austrian and French Alps.

As it so often does, my full time job heated up and soon I was left with limited time to provide proper assistance to those looking to adventure. So, I decided to put Fearless Leaders on the back burner for a future day.

In late 2017, I decided to take a sabbatical from our NYC jobs and set off on a trip around the world. Not because of any life altering event, but because, I think we realized that if there was any time in our life to hit the reset and take a risk like this, now was the time. We were around 30 years old, had good work experience, experienced everything we could in NYC, and knew that if we waited it wouldn’t happen. Don’t let my rationality confuse you, we were scared shitless. Many sleepless nights occurred thinking about how we would tell our boss’ whom we were both very close with on a personal level, how to tell or families, saving, getting rid of our apartment, our things, storage for when we return, what to do when we return, where to live, and on and on. It was the scariest thing I have ever done. I have a number of friends who have done Remote Year and absolutely loved it. We looked into, and though it would’ve been a better option so I could keep working, we decided a full stop was the best way to do our trip.

So here I am, over 6 months into our trip. We’ve spent considerable time in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India (though I think we’ve repressed these memories), Nepal, took a Euro Trip for a friends wedding, and our currently shacked up on Thailand. I recently spoke with a friend who is about to embark on a similar journey, answering a number of pre-trip questions and it reminded me just how stressful planning for something so unknown and how, despite all the info in the world being available on Google, it still feels so limited. Even for me, having settled into a nomadic lifestyle and gotten used to having to re-learn a city, customs, search for transportation on a weekly basis, the process of discovering correct and accurate information is incredible difficult and usually requires having to speak with several people in person and fact check it with blogs online (a number of which are years old).

And it is for this I know it is the right time to bring back Fearless Leaders. I am living an indefinitely holiday, making me well equipped to assist and guide people through destinations and vacations all over the world. On our current trip we’ve varied between group tours, couple / honeymoon vacation style, adventure trips, trekking, hostels and backpacker budget. We’ve had days on razor thing budgets and days where we’ve splurged. We’ve flown on nice Airlines, budget Airlines, ferries, and broken down local buses. Armed with this new knowledge and over 10 years of previous backpacker and traveling experience, I am here to help you plan out your best experience and vacation regardless of the length of time or budget.

Through this experience I have created Fearless Leaders to be a portal for individual and group travelers to plan out an amazing trip, a place for tourism providers to seek out advice for better servicing their customers, and a blog full of my personal travel experiences and tips (both current and from the past), and those shared by travel buddies.

Through my travel tips and stories, my goal is to inspire and assist others with planning their own epic adventure. If you would like to contribute to this blog, or would like to use my consulting services for your next epic adventure, e-mail me at mike@fearlessleaderstravel.com

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