Motorbike Diaries: Chiang Mai to Pai

Pai is an elephant pants riddled, 60s throwback hippie mecca butted up against the Thai-Burma border. About three hours north of Chiang Mai, you can either scoot there or go by bus. For the thrill-seekers, going by way of motorcycle or motorbike will be a curvaceous romp through over 700 turns while navigating rolling hills. Be adventurous and you will be rewarded with the freedom to frequent stop to rest your aching butt and bulging disc in your throttle arm, and take in the wonderful picturesque views of the north Thai jungle mountains.

One cartel runs the Pai-Chiang Mai motorbike circuit, AYA Service. They suck to deal with but you ain’t left with another option, and hospitality and niceness aside, they have the gig worked out. AYA has offices in both Chiang Mai and Pai, so you can opt to rent a bike from them in Chiang and drop it off in Pai. Or you can keep the bike your entire stay for a weekly discount. AYA charges a 300 baht ($10) drop off fee for one way rentals. Daily prices start at 150 baht (about $5) for a Honda Click 125cc or the aptly names Scoopy 125cc. Given you will likely want to spend numerous days in Pai, you probably will not want to lug your 10kg backpack whilst pushing 125cc of power through winding turns. For an additional fee, AYA will send your bags to from Chiang Mai to their offices in Pai. The cost is 100 baht (about $3) per bag. Helmets are included and encouraged, unless you have a man bun. Those luscious locks can’t be held down!


AYA Chiang Mai

Kamthiang Plaza 60-60/1 Srimonkol Rd.,

Patan Muang Chiangmai 50300

Tel. +6653-231815, +6653-231816, +6653-231833

Fax: +6653-231834

Mobile: +668-64317416, +668-82584496, +669-31788558.


22/1 Moo 3, Chaisongkram rd., Pai, Maehongsorn

Tel. +66 5369 9888, +66 5369 8299

Shoot me an email with any questions or if you would like help booking a Thailand trip –

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