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Somewhere in my AirBnB love affair, I missed creep their way into the hearts of backpackers and luxury travelers alike. Apparently, the world’s #1 Booking site hasn’t quite caught on the US, as I have asked a number of friends back home and none are familiar with the site we have come to learn is beloved by all European travelers. With over 300,000 listings spanning resorts, hotels, guest houses, hostels, apartments and more has got your covered whether you’re dirtbagging your way through the backpacker trail or sipping a few Chardonnays poolside in Tahiti.

As a proud once diligent dirtbag backpacker, I lean towards booking direct with the accommodation, knowing that booking agents slap on commission fees, usually driving the price up. In almost all instances, I found to be the same price or cheaper than direct booking and compared to any other site. Better yet, Booking has a number of sweet features making the booking process better. Not all bookings are created equal, but many offer things like FREE CANCELLATION up until the day of your arrival or the option to pay in cash on arrival versus ponying up the sheckles on the Credit Card pre trip. In addition,’s Genius program rewards your intellect with special hidden discounts, early check-in, free welcome drinks and more. Though sometimes minor, these perks take unneeded stress out of the booking process. Becoming a Genius has a low barrier of entry, requiring you to review a handful of accommodations and stays before attaining the coveted status.

So, if you’re looking to take the plunge with me, here’s $25 cashback on the house for your first booking.

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If you’re already on the train, use the link below for special deals.

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