Greatest travel apps ever


You’ve already heard me wax poetic about here so I will be short. Top booking site for most of the world’s travelers, and still relatively unknown in the US. Lowest prices for all types of accomms ranging from hotels, hostels, to resorts and more.

Save $25 on 1st Booking

If you’re already on the train, use the link below for special deals.

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The top booking engine for hostels worldwide. Their rating system, review system and photos ensure you book the best hostel whether you’re looking for fancy privates or a 30 person sweaty dorm. Check it out here.


Perfect compliment to the aforementioned booking sites and a great addition for when you need a break from said 30 person dorm. One thing to be careful of when using AirBnB internationally, especially in Asia – many guest houses and hostels list rooms on AirBnB and give the appearance of being a private apartment. If you deep dive into the description and reviews, you can offer find these details, and the name of the guest houses so you can compare prices on Booking or Hostelworld. Save $40 your first AirBnB booking at the link below

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I covered the budgeting and saving benefits of Acorns more deeply here, so I will focus on the benefits of Acorns for travel – their Found Money feature. With Found Money, major brands will kick some money under your name into an internet growing ETF when you purchase from their site. This is great because AirBnB and iTunes Store are major brands in the program, sending your kickbacks every time you book an apartment or buy a new travel book for iBooks. Click here to sign up. Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use the link below

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Everything Apple Maps will never be. As with a bunch of Europeans introduced this wonder app to me while traveling. provides the most detailed maps (all available offline) showcasing minor alleys, most hiking trails and every conceivable landmark and point of interest ranging from the most obscure waterfall in the back woods of Kazakhstan to a rope bridge river crossing in rural Bolivia.


Don’t get me wrong here, I love Kayak but for open ended long term travel, SkyScanner took Kayak’s lunch money. Unlike Kayak (and most other flight booking sites), SkyScanner digs super deep into the most local airlines you have never heard and whose websites still look like the Space Jam website. I don’t know what Air Mann Yadnarpon Airlines is, but SkyScanner is helping me book a cheap flight with them from Mandalay to Yangon.


Viber has done for WiFi and data based calling what Venmo did for payments. With a simple, concise and easy to use interface, Viber blows away Skype when it comes to making cheap international calls over data / WiFi.

XE Currency

The most accurate currency conversion app out there. In seconds you can calculate how many sheckles a 100,000 Kip pan flute costs.


Discover short and long term volunteering and work options for your upcoming locales. Most of the jobs listed on here trade you free housing and meals in exchange for your physical and mental labors. Some even provide you with a little extra spending cash. Membership costs $45 a year for a couple and $25 a year for individuals. Sign up here.


A year ago I would be writing about Grab being the SE Asia wannabe Uber. Except, at this point Grab seems to have leapfrogged Uber in practically every Asian market.


If you’re a digital nomad or just need to download the This Is: N’Sync playlist for your next log bus ride, WorkFrom provides you with the best hot spot cafes, coffee shops and restaurants around and even provides you with WiFi speeds.


iPhone weather sucks. It’s raining when it says it is sunny, and it is sunny when it says it is raining. Accuweather is the most accurate app I have found to date. You can preload a number of upcoming cities and it even goes as far as to provide you with recommended walking times based on whether it will rain, is too hot, etc.


Still number 1, and likely always will be number 1 for finding the best restaurants and things to do in every town.

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