Do it for the Gram: African Safari Sunset

Giraffe silhouettes at sunset, sure the cliche African savanna photo, but damn it’s gorgeous. The absolute desolation of Namibia provides sparse wide open terrain and virtually no air pollution allowing my pre-school level photography skills to capture a National Geographic worthy photo. So you want something similar to tout on Instagram?

Admittedly, this pic isn’t the easiest one to capture, but what triumphant 1000+ like photo is?

For starters, you will need to get yourself to Namibia, the worlds least densely population country, meaning your fly-in options are severely limited. I suggest taking 2 weeks off from work (or just quitting all together because who really needs to eat, amirite). High tail a flight to Cape Town, one of the greatest cities in the world in my humble opinion. You should be able to snag a flight with no more than one stopover into Cape Town from anywhere in the world, especially since Cape Town is becoming the “cool” destination.

From Cape Town you can book onto any number of safaris traveling up the scenic west coast of South Africa and then into the sparse lands of Namibia. From the border onward you will be treated to many more animals than you will ever see people. Elephants, giraffe, lions just roaming around the roads. Most tours make a stop at the adventure sports, skydiving, sand boarding and ATV over sands dunes hub of Swakopmund before heading onward to many of the amazing National Parks. The two best and biggest parks include

It was at Etosha National Park where I captured my giraffe sunset pic and there you also have the opportunity to crack a cold night cap by a watering hole bathed in floodlights allowing you to observe animals making their nightly journey to hydrate alongside you.

As mentioned, there are hundreds of safari options headed from Cape Town. I traveled with Acacia Adventures. I chose their, bare bones rugged adventure operator and I chose them because, at the time I was penny pinching and didn’t mind sleeping in a tent every day for 3 weeks and showering when convenient (aka when we went for a swim in a river). Acacia’s options range from deep budget all the way up to luxury and their safaris range from a few days to a couple months, sprawling out to virtually every destination central and Southern Africa have to offer.

As an alternative, you can also fly into Tanzania and go on Safari in the Serengeti. I’m biased because I didn’t do this trip, but rumor has it that it’s pretty cool too….

With these options and armed with an iPhone, getting the epic animal sunset pic is practically a given!

So in summary, epic giraffe sunset pics can be had by:

1. Fly to Cape Town

2. Hop on a safari to Namibia

3. Charge your iPhone

4. Shower once in a while

5. Look towards the sun and start snapping pics

6. Get a job with Planet Earth 3

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