Do it for the Gram: Il Faraglione or Italian Sea Stones

You want your face in front of the three most epic and beautiful rocks on all of Italy, throwing up a peace sign in front of my favorite place in Italy?

For those of you who are short a few Oligarch pals whisking you in via heli and/or yacht, there is still a way to capture the beautiful sirens of Capri, aka the Faraglione, aka Il Faraglione.

Situated off the famed Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri is a small, high class, chic escape in the Med Sea teetering on the height of Italian luxury.

No matter how you plan to arrive at the island of Capri (ferry, train, plane, or hyperloop) you will need to transit through Naples – the complete opposite of high class, chic beauty and more closely resembling Bayonne, NJ both in port town beauty and the machismo. Naples is home to the regions only airport, major train station and major ferry port and from Naples you can reach Capri, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast.

How you get to Capri and the famed Faraglione will depend on where you spend your warm Italian seaside summer nights. Staying in Capri is beautiful and uber upscale but very costly. If you’d rather save your Lira for a few extra shots of Limoncello, then Sorrento is the place for you. Sorrento is the tourist hub and accommodation home for both Capri and the beautiful Amalfi Coast and serves up tons of hotels, hostels and bungalow sites.

Ferries run regular throughout the summer from the ports of Sorrento and Naples (if you choose to stay in Capri). A shuttle bus runs from both Naples Airport and Train Station and it is same same from most points in Sorrento (check with your hotel on timing). You can book tickets in advance direct through the ferry companies – Caremar, SNAV, and Alilauro.

Or, since you’re Italian now, you can be supper chill and rock up to the port and it’ll work out. It’s ok. When in Rome. Or Capri.

Once in Capri, you have two ways to cuddle up to the tall rocks

1. Hire a private boat driver for the day

2. Jump on a group boat tour of the island. I recommend Laser Capri because they’re cool, and entertaining.

Both options will bring you to the Blue Grotto, another Gram worthy locale, the Green Grotto (green version of the aforementioned blue grotto) and finally, sailing through the open hole of the Faraglione. Mamma mia. And just like that, you’re una stare (translates to “a star” in Italian, I think).

In short, here’s how you get to the best spot in the Med Sea:

1. Fly, train, bike or bus to Naples

2. Skip over Naples

3. Take ferry to Capri

4. Hire a serenading Italian boat driver for the day

5. Float up to the rocks, give some peace signs and snap a photo

6. Rejoice

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